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This is a format for calling in a 9 Line:

Line 1. Location of the pick-up site.

Line 2. Radio frequency, call sign, and suffix.

Line 3. Number of patients by precedence: A - Urgent B - Urgent Surgical C - Priority D - Routine E - Convenience

Line 4. Special equipment required: A - None B - Hoist C - Extraction equipment D - Ventilator

Line 5. Number of patients: A - Litter- Laying down B - Ambulatory- Walking

ics form 205, incident radio communications plan (v3.1)
Download PDF

Line 6. Security at pick-up site: In peacetime - number and types of wounds, injuries, and illnesses

Line 7. Method of marking pick-up site: A - Panels B - Pyrotechnic signal C - Smoke signal D - None E - Other

Line 8. Patient nationality and status: A - US Military B - US Civilian C - Non-US Military D - Non-US Civilian

E- Unable to communicate

Line 9. description of pick-up site: In peacetime - terrain description of pick-up site

9Line Excel
Download XLSX

I have attached the ics form 205, incident radio communications plan (v3.1)

and the 9Line for download

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