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My wife has entered us into a raffle.

Soror Erika Clark has donated in the name of the South Dade GMRS Club.

$100.00 (50 tickets) towards the 50/50 raffle for the scholarship. Winners will be announced Friday, May 26 on the Zeta Phi Beta -Mu Gamma Zeta (South Dade Chapter) Facebook page. (if picked in the drawing 50% of the winnings will be given towards a scholarship and the other 50% will be given to the South Dade GMRS club.)

The raffle is for Zeta Phi Beta , South Dade Chapter - Mu Gamma Zeta scholarship program to High School Female senior. Throught out the year we fundraise to collect funds for different highschool scholarships. We honor ourselves in Scholarship, service, sisterhood and finer womanhood

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